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"Schooling, Child Labor and the Returns to Healthcare in Tanzania" with Achyuta Adhvaryu Journal of Human Resources 47(2): 364-396, March 2012

"Returns to Treatment in the Formal Health Care Sector: Evidence from Tanzania" with Achyuta Adhvaryu American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 7(3): 29-57, August 2015

"Endowments at Birth and Parents' Investments in Children" with Achyuta Adhvaryu The Economic Journal 126(593): 781-820, June 2016

"Health, Enterprise, and Labor Complementarity in the Household" with Achyuta Adhvaryu (updated May 2016) (formerly circulated as "Labor Complementarities and Health in the Agricultural Household") Journal of Development Economics 126(3): 91-111, May 2017

"Early Life Circumstance and Mental Health" with Achyuta Adhvaryu and James Fenske (updated May 2017) [forthcoming Journal of Political Economy] 


Revision Requested / Under Review: 

"Helping Children Catch Up: Early Life Shocks and the Progresa Experiment" with Achyuta AdhvaryuTeresa Molina, and Jorge Tamayo (updated May 2016) [revision requested from Journal of Political Economy]

"The Light and the Heat: Productivity Co-benefits of Energy-saving Technology" with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Namrata Kala (updated August 2017) [revision requested from Review of Economics and Statistics]

 "When It Rains It Pours: The Long-run Economic Impacts of Salt Iodization in the United States" with Achyuta AdhvaryuSteven BednarTeresa Molina, and Quynh Nguyen (updated June 2017, formerly circulated as "Salt Iodization and the Enfranchisement of the American Worker") [revision requested from Review of Economics and Statistics]

"Dust and Death: Evidence from the West African Harmattan" with Achyuta AdhvaryuPrashant Bharadwaj, and James Fenske, and Richard Stanley (updated December 2017) [revision requested from The Economic Journal]

 "Fetal origins of mental health: evidence from Africa" with Achyuta AdhvaryuJames Fenske, and Namrata Kala (update May 2017)  [revision requested from Journal of Human Resources]

"Booms, Busts, and Household Enterprise: Evidence from Coffee Farmers in Tanzania" with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Namrata Kala (updated May 2016)  [revision requested from World Bank Economic Review]

"The Skills to Pay the Bills: Returns to On-the-job Soft Skills Training" with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Namrata Kala (updated December 2017) [under review]

"Resources, Conflict, and Economic Development in Africa" with Achyuta AdhvaryuJames Fenske, and Guarav Khanna (updated November 2017) [under review] 

"Describing the Marginal Enrollee: Merit-Based Tuition Subsidies Revisited(updated July 2016) [under review]


Working Papers:

"Managerial Quality and Productivity Dynamics" with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Jorge Tamayo (new draft coming soon!)

 "Management and Shocks to Worker Productiviy" with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Namrata Kala (updated May 2016) 

"Learning about Comparative Advantage in Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Thailand(updated February 2014) Online Supplement  

"Hostel Takeover: Living Conditions, Reference Dependence, and the Well-being of Migrant Workers" with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Huayu Xu (draft coming soon!)

"Formal Employment and Organized Crime: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Colombia" with Guarav Khanna and Jorge Tamayo (draft coming soon!)

"More Money, More Problems? Expectations, Wage Hikes, and Worker Voice" with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Teresa Molina (draft coming soon!)


Works in Progress:  

"Diagnosing Quality: Patient-Provider Interactions and the Demand for Health Care" with AchyutaAdhvaryu, Emilio Gutierrez, and Jorge Tamayo (draft coming soon!)

"Incentivizing Conduct, Establishing Norms, and Improving Worker Productivity" with Achyuta Adhvaryu and Namrata Kala